Bhagawantrao Shivaji Patil Mahavidyalaya

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati

Address: Achalpur Camp, Paratwada, Dist. Amravati, Maharashtra 444805
Phone: 07223-220172

Incentive Marks

   Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University passed on Ordinance (No. 1/85) w.e.f. 1986 to award incentive marks to examines, with the purpose of encouraging them to participate I the extra-curricular activities listed below. The Incentive marks can be awarded up to a maximum 5% of the total marks of all papers taken together.



Sr. No. Incentive Marks under various heads Marks
1. Blood Donation (each time) (Maximum 5 times) 2
2. Games & Sports
1. Participation for entire years (120 hour’s)
2. Participation in Inter-University contest
3. N.S.S.
1. Participation for entire year (120 hour’s)
2. Participation for entire year (including one camp)

4. Cutural Activities
1. Participation in University recognized inter-college Debate /Elocution/ Drama/ Song/ other Contest
2. Participation in Inter-University Contest

5. Participation in Government Sponsored Essential Statistics Collection Drives 5
6. Beside these activities, incentives marks will also be awarded for the activities to be announced by the University from time to time.